Our passions make us unique.

Our mission is to enable people to stay ahead of the curve.
We are kiipost and we will keep you posted.

We believe what we read should be filtered to who we are.

Today we share what we are passionate about, no matter if its about music, news, politics, fashion, business or else... What we share is who we are - it is our interests DNA.
But what is passion for us is often noise to others. When following people, we are inondated by a flow of passions we don't have in common. We are missing a filter.
kiipost makes what we discover as personal as what we share.

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Our values.

We want to become the place where people stay in the know about their interests.
Our products may change in the future, but our values will remain the same.


We love to discover and collect knowledge about our favorite topics and we deeply enjoy sharing this knowledge with likeminded people.


We cherish the diversity of online communities. The variety, creativity and interaction between ecletic groups bring the web to life.


We are exposed everyday to an exponentially increasing amount of amazing information. We dream of growing old and not having to forget our passions.

We want to make an impact.

Today our brains are at risk, every four seconds somebody is diagnosed with Alzheimer disease.
Our memory of what we see online is like the memory of an Alzheimer patient.

We are stuck in a loop of continuously having to search and check the same sources to inform ourselves, everyday or even several times a day. Our brains can´t keep up. We forget most of it.

We build kiipost to break that loop and we believe we should serve our community.
We donate a share of our incomes to help find a cure for Alzheimer.

We recommend to visit www.alz.org for more information on Alzheimer disease.